We were nominated by the Horseman Team to do the "Jump Home Challenge" 

Find the most fun jump with whatever you have at home!

Ans send to us 


Good luck and have fun guys!



The Horsemanteam is re-scheduling all upcoming events due to the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are working closely with all jumping events to find consensus about new dates this year for upcoming events. The health and wellbeing of riders, horses and public are of the utmost importance in these unprecedented times, which are impacting events worldwide.

We look forward to updating all our fans as soon as possible about the new dates for this season.

Thanks a lot for your support

The HorseManTeam



The story started 20 years ago when 3 french Brothers tried to imitate their horses jumping... The Horse Man was born.

Step by step, this small game became a small show, Mateo (the leader) structured everything to make it bigger & bigger.

CSI*****, CSIO, CSIW, the Horse Man Team are invited all over the world & this crazy jump became a phenomenon.

In each French Horse center, children started to imitate "Mateo" & his brothers imitating the horses..

Because of their professional life, Mateo's brothers (Julo & Gilo) had to leave the Team, and in 2005, Mateo opened the first HorseMan's school in the world.

Today, in the team is composed of  18 HorseMen from 9 countries... They're all Horse Riders.