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The story started 20 years ago when 3 french Brothers tried to imitate their horses jumping... The Horse Man was born.

Step by step, this small game became a small show, Mateo (the leader) structured everything to make it bigger & bigger.

CSI*****, CSIO, CSIW, the Horse Man Team are invited all over the world & this crazy jump became a phenomenon.

In each French Horse center, children started to imitate "Mateo" & his brothers imitating the horses..

Because of their professional life, Mateo's brothers (Julo & Gilo) had to leave the Team, and in 2005, Mateo opened the first HorseMan's school in the world.

Today, in the team is composed of  18 HorseMen from 9 countries... They're all Horse Riders.

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Middle Aged Woman

I saw those guys in Germany, was just amazing

S. Roux

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